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Communicator. Consultant. Corporate chaplain.

Imani Brooks-Wheeler is resilience personified.

Imani Brooks-Wheeler has always been cut from a different cloth.


Let’s talk about how she staged a one-child rebranding campaign in elementary school to be known as “Denise” from the Cosby Show.  She could only tolerate her simple, three-syllabic name being mispronounced in front of live studio audiences (via spelling bees and oratorical contests throughout New York, New Jersey and Pennsylvania) for so long. However, when she discovered the power behind its meaning – “faith” – she vowed to live up to every fiber of its worth.

Then, there was the time that she was “politely excused” from parochial school for encouraging other children to pray to Jesus instead of Mary. Needless to say, she has always made waves even while rocking plaid uniforms and ponytails.


Throughout the years, Imani’s life has flourished abundantly and the evidence ebbs and flows in her daily interactions with others. She has embraced the immensely charismatic, divine, and globally impactful purpose of her life. As the founder of Inspired By Wisdom, LLC, her hybrid gift mix has placed her in notable arenas. More than just having a seat at the table, she has taken quantum leaps outside of the sphere and lead from “above the table” without pretentious ambition. She has accepted the challenge to impact and influence the entertainment industry while also serving others through effective training in leadership consulting, effective communications strategies, and corporate chaplaincy. Her highly sought-after commentary on current events & celebrity news has positioned her as an emerging influencer within contemporary culture. Moreover, the business acumen displayed by this dynamic young woman has been solicited by numerous Fortune 500 companies and prominent nonprofits, garnering accolades throughout the United States and abroad.



Here are a few highlights from her successful career:

  • Initiated the only nationwide focus group for the Gabrielle Union Neutrogena campaign at a reputable multicultural advertising firm.

  • Provided professional translation services (English to Spanish) for an inaugural Southwest regional promotion for Dickies Chef & Hospitality.

  • Presented cutting edge lectures centered around media training for educators at the South-Central regional conference for the Association of Christian Schools International.

  • Solicited by the media staff of The Potter’s House of Dallas as a team leader and independent PR consultant at MegaFest featuring over 50,000 global ministry partners and participants.

  • Appointed by the CEO & Founder  of Lay Witnesses for Christ International (per executive order) as the Assistant Media Director and Chaplain to the athletes for the 2012 London Olympics outreach. In advance of the mission, her assignment to this post was featured in the December 2011 online issue of Christian Today Australia Magazine.

  • Provided website copywriting services for highly visible start-up companies: Final Draft Design, a digital design agency and SLAP Mobile, a digital tool to enhance communication between incarcerated individuals and their loved ones.

  • During the November 2013 LAX Airport shooting, after getting to safety, Imani assisted the LAPD with the TSA employees and other passengers in recovery. After observing her effective crisis communications and peace resolution techniques, she was offered a personal invitation to join Los Angeles Mayor Eric Garcetti’s Crisis Response Team.

  • Designated as the eulogist for the Message of Hope at the 2013 Pediatric Celebration of Life - UCLA Medical Center, Santa Monica.

Imani firmly believes that her life’s mission is to help individuals pivot from pain to purpose, tragedy to triumph and to become the solution to the problems of their era. With her remarkable guidance at the helm of so many initiatives, countless people are poised to be transformed around the world. She is driven by a deeply altruistic moral compass which compels her to live authentically while teaching others to draw from the well of resilience within them.  

Certifications, Qualifications and Credentials:
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