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Imani Brooks-Wheeler's reach has extended beyond the U.S. and has reverberated throughout other nations. As a certified speaker, trainer and coach, she understands that successful teams make organizations thrive. Employees are empowered when they are equipped with opportunities to cultivate their talent. This intentional behavior allows business partners to gain leverage in both emotional and spiritual resilience. Furthermore, it contributes to the overall enhancement of the company’s mission.


Imani is a brilliant entrepreneur who is exceptionally gifted to extract greatness out of others. Whether it’s a nonprofit, social advocacy initiative, affinity group, or any type of reputable business organization, she is a solution bearer who is skillful at executing laser-focused strategies for success. For the first time ever, she is merging her hybrid calling of effective chaplaincy and corporate savvy to offer cutting edge training. The goal of these interactive sessions is to introduce best practices through various leadership modules. The overarching intention, however, is to deepen and broaden the intellectual, emotional and relational capacity of the participants. 



Training Topics include but are not limited to the following:

  • Becoming a Person of Influence

  • Everyone Communicates, Few Connect

  • How to Be a REAL Success

  • Leadership Gold

  • Put Your Dream to the Test

  • The 15 Invaluable Laws of Growth

  • Healthy Boundaries in Corporate America

  • Overcoming Workplace Grief Fatigue

  • Queens Bow Gracefully (Women’s Empowerment Series)

  • Ivory Towers, Inclusion and Inspiration

  • For the Culture: Effectively Merging Media and Ministry (Professional Development Series for Early Educators/Early Education Directors, K-12 and Higher Ed Educators, Curriculum/Instruction Directors, Principals/Administrators and Heads of Schools).

***If you would like to request a unique training for your organization, please specify under the "contact us" tab of the website.


Her work speaks for itself! Read all about it!


As seen on Christian Today Australia and Yahoo! News.

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